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Friday, November 15, 2013

The sun WILL come up tomorrow...

As Annie sings..the sun WILL come up tomorrow.  Over the last 10 months the universe has been handing me a royal a$$ whooping. I've been dealt a hand that I didn't really want. It peaked with me sleeping on an air mattress in my parents living room. I was handed defeat after defeat.  I was at the bottom. I lost my job, my wife left me for another, I couldn't keep my kids because I was sleeping on the floor of my parents house.  But as low as I got one thing was always clear. The sun rose the next day.  Maybe GOD has given us a perpetual sign of faith. The SON always rises. Jesus died and rose again. So no matter how bad things get always know the sun always rises on a brand new day.  Dust yourself off. Pick yourself up. Get back in the game. Each new day is a brand new canvas to paint your future.


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